*Choose A Way Auckland – A Travel Guide by Rhonda Albom

Cover of Choose A Way Auckland, an Interactive Travel Guide by Rhonda Albom

 Choose A Way Auckland

by Rhonda Albom

Choose A Way Auckland is an interactive city guide by local travel writer and photographer Rhonda Albom. She shares firsthand the best that the city has to offer while you make all the decisions.

Unlike traditional guidebooks, now you can build your day as you go. Choose from three options, enjoy the activity, and then choose from three more. The choices will keep your day flowing, allowing you a worry free Auckland adventure as you discover the highlights of the city, along with the offbeat, hidden treasures.

In addition to a succinct description, each option includes a photo, the address, GPS coordinates, a link to Google Maps, and easy-to-follow directions that have been tried and tested. Use it on your smartphone or tablet to make choices on-the-go, or plan ahead on your laptop.

It’s not just for visitors, Aucklanders love it too.

This ebook is part of the interactive Choose a Way Series, which utilizes authors around the world, each writing about their own location.

It is currently available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or Gum

Published 11 April, 2016

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Enjoy Choose A Way Auckland

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