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  • 25 Things To Do In Dunedin: New Zealand’s Garden City
    Albom Adventures The variety of things to do in Dunedin New Zealand is only surpassed by the city’s varying reputations. Depending on who you are, the city’s name will conjure up different images. Horticulturists know Dunedin is New Zealand’s garden city. Photographers understand why many consider it the country’s most beautiful city. University students either […]
  • Distinction Hotel Dunedin: Best Sleep in New Zealand
    Albom Adventures The Distinction Hotel Dunedin is a refurbished masterpiece. A classic building occupying an entire city block, this former 1937 chief post office sat empty since the 1990s. Now restored with elegance, it reflects the heritage of this New Zealand city. Ideally located, incredibly comfortable, and a quiet escape, the Distinction Hotel Dunedin is […]
  • Dunedin Chinese Garden: Authentic Tranquil Beauty
    Albom Adventures Stepping across the bridge between the outside world and the tranquil beauty of the inside world, we entered the Dunedin Chinese Garden. It is a place of peace and reflection. Somehow, time slows down here. We soak it all in as our guide slowly walks us through. It is one of a handful […]
  • Royal Albatross Centre: Tiny Penguins and Huge Seabirds
    Albom Adventures As the Northern Royal Albatross spreads its massive wings, I thought this day couldn’t get any better. Then, our second Royal Albatross Centre tour brought us to a beach that is now a Little Blue Penguin habitat. Here, we witnessed 95 fairy penguins return from the sea, waddle across the sand, and climb […]
  • Moeraki Boulders Legend – A New Zealand Mystery
    Albom Adventures New Zealand is full of mystery, wonder, and spectacular scenery. Moeraki Boulders, the huge spherical rocks on Koekohe beach on the east coast of the South Island combines all three. I have always been strangely attracted to these boulders and the mystery behind their origin. I am not the only one. There is […]
  • Taieri Gorge Train: A Dunedin Railways Adventure in New Zealand
    Albom Adventures Even before we boarded the Taieri Gorge train, we knew we were in for an extraordinary day. Dunedin Railways is well known for hosting some of the most impressive and scenic train trips in New Zealand. The 45 km Taieri Gorge lived up to our expectations. The South Island of New Zealand is […]